International family office Abts & Partners is launching new website specialized in asset & risk management

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Luxembourg (LU) — Abts & Partners family office has just released a new corporate website to provide actionable insights to families looking for value-added,  wealth management services in the Monaco region.

Abts & Partners is a private company that provides multi family office services based on the individual private approach and experienced qualified expertise in the following areas: asset management, real estate, estate planning, family governance and administration, insurance, wealth management, etc.

Abts & Partners was founded in 2005 by Pieter Abts in Luxembourg, quickly expanding internationally with offices in Monaco and Switzerland. In the last 14 years, the family office has successfully provided high-quality  wealth and asset management services for families and family-owned businesses.

With the launch of its new website, Abts & Partners will be providing a wealth of useful and  detailed information about the company and its services.

Through enhanced design and simplified navigation, the website now integrates new social media channels, better presentation of Abts & Partners offices and teams, and extensive information about the specific geographical markets served by the company in Luxembourg, Monaco, and Switzerland.

Being an active player on the market of family office services for many years requires being highly professional, client-oriented, motivated, concentrated and experienced. As the world is becoming more digital every year, the new brand website is something vital for the company with such high-quality individual services.  

“We work hard to offer high satisfaction and personalized services to our clients. We invest significant time in listening to them, learning about their family history, understanding their needs, their force and weakness, the pattern of their wealth. Our clients are the centre of our relationship”, says  Pieter Abts, the founder of Abts & Partners.

Focusing on professionalism and trust Abts & Partners found in WebSamba exactly what they were searching for - a partner to rely on that provides high-quality services - customer-oriented yet powerful online platform that is both simple to use and effective informative great-looking website personalised for their business.

Thanks to its well-organized structure, supported with extensive information on all provided services, easy-reachable contact form, inclusive user interface and extra useful tools to cater to searching engines, social networks and customers Abts & Partners new website is ready to successfully support clients and bring the importance of wealth management services to those who are not in but thinking on whether family governance, estate management, etc could serve for the wealth of their family future.

For advisory financial companies such as Abts & Partners, whose business approach is inextricably based on trusted relationships with clients, a website that represents the company’s professionalism and provides valuable information is critical to reassure customers that their assets are safely managed in good hands.

“Abts & Partners is a very special client with specific services that are in demand and important for family businesses where trust is the main character. We are very proud to work with Abts & Partners, and provide them with services that will all but enhance their ability to better serve families in need of reliable and trustful family office services” says Chris Clavel, CEO of WebSamba MC.  

“We bring families together to help organize and grow their opportunities, private or business wise. We work hard to offer professionalism to our clients.  We are glad that our new website would be working with us for our clients as the primary tool to shed some light on the importance of asset and risk management for families and their businesses”, Pieter Abts says.  

You can read more about Abts & Partners and services they provide on their website:

Press Contact: Pieter Abts - + (3) 779 797 3146 -

About Abts & Partners

Abts & Partners specializes in risk and asset management with offices in Monaco, Luxembourg and Switzerland effectively providing guidance to families for more than 10 years in managing their multiple lifestyle interests.

Abts & Partners services are focused on wealth planning, estate planning, wealth structuring, family governance and administration. For more information about Abts & Partners, please visit, send an email to, or call + (3) 522 610 8889.

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