Abts & Partners Luxembourg



Abts & Partners Luxembourg is a multi-family office with asset & risk management as a specialty. Based on the market conditions and on the prior determined risk profile of the client, Abts & Partners Luxembourg finds a tailor-made solution for everyone.

Abts & Partners Luxembourg brings families together, helps them to get organized and to identify and respond to opportunities, be it private or business. 


Due to the fact that Pieter Abts has spent his professional career in Luxembourg since 1995, it became obvious to him this was an ideal environment for setting up a much-needed private office for the family, aiming to offer financial services of a different kind.

We further expanded our offering in 2015 by launching a private asset management activity, fully in sync with evolving regulatory requirements.


While optimizing a client's legal and fiscal situation, Abts & Partners Luxembourg builds the best strategies to develop, protect and transfer wealth, always bearing in mind the client's needs and wishes.  Through the long-term partnership with clients, Abts & Partners Luxembourg guarantees an irreproachable and discrete service.

Abts & Partners provides the audit, the coordination and the follow-up of all intervening parties in the management of the client's wealth (banks, asset managers, insurers, lawyers, structuring experts). Asset management can be done in-house or can be outsourced. 



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