Abts & De Maertelaere Switzerland



As an independent multi-family office specialized in asset & risk management, Abts & De Maertelaere Switzerland always stays objective as it is not bound to any financial party. It successfully provides guidance to families in managing multiple lifestyle interests.

With the main objectives being the protection, increase and passing on of the client's wealth, the company provides effective financial, legal and fiscal solutions. Our wealth management is based on the risk profile defined together with the client and on the deep understanding of the market conditions. 


Early on, the Swiss office ideally completed the initial setup to become a truly international private office. Switzerland, as a non-EU member, was and still is an important diversification as a service and investment center. Beginning its history in Zürich in 2000, the Swiss office teamed up in 2007 with Zug-based “De Maertelaere Management” in order to offer a truly independent asset management service. In 2013, by taking over “De Maertelaere Management”, the name changed into “Abts & De Maertelaere”, which until today is still directed by Mrs. Patricia De Maertelaere, who represents the second generation of former “Bank De Maertelaere”.


Abts & De Maertelaere Switzerland services are focused on wealth planning, estate planning, wealth management, structuring, insurance, family governance and administration. 

The company brings families together, helps them to get organized, to identify and respond to opportunities, be it private or business. By effectively optimizing the client's legal and fiscal situations, the company provides the best strategies to develop, protect and transfer the client's wealth. No task is too small or too big for Abts & De Maertelaere Switzerland.

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